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WellSpan doctor, fully vaccinated against measles, is the second case in York County

WellSpan doctor, fully vaccinated against measles, is the second case in York County WellSpan is in the process of contacting all patients who might have been exposed. Check out this story on ydr.com: ... read more

Latest Pennsylvania measles case is York doctor who says she was fully vaccinated

Pennsylvania's latest measles patient is a York doctor who was fully vaccinated against the disease, according to a social media post by WellSpan Health. In an audio recording shared by the system ... read more

Live attenuated vaccines: should we rethink vaccination strategies?

Live attenuated vaccines contain infectious agents (viruses ... especially in individuals whose immune system isn’t yet fully developed or has been weakened (newborns, pregnant women, the ... read more

We Deliver Vaccines to the World's Poorest, Hardest-to-Reach Children

The ubiquity of vaccines is, in part ... Currently, 15 countries have transitioned out of Gavi support and are fully funding their immunization programs, with three more expected by the end ... read more

Roll up your sleeve: Vaccines for people over 50

Babies typically get their first pertussis shot at 2 months, but will not be fully protected until 6 months. Pertussis is fairly common, so it’s important for grandparents and others who will come ... read more

Vaccines: Trends, mistrust and consequences

Vaccines have saved tens of millions of lives but immunisation ... and could prevent another 1.5 million if vaccination programmes were fully implemented. But vaccination rates have "dangerously" ... read more

Measles outbreak: Why are some vaccinated people still getting sick?

An Auckland teenager was shocked to find she had measles despite being fully vaccinated. She's one of at least 64 people who contracted the highly contagious disease this year even though their MMR ... read more

Moving More Electrons To Optimize New Adult Composite Immunization Measures

Until recently, quality performance measures were only available for these adult vaccines (i.e. influenza and pneumococcal ... clinicians are missing the ability to fully capture the needs of each ... read more

Pediatric Combination Vaccines: Global Drug Forecast and Market Analysis to 2028

In the US alone, childhood vaccines are estimated to prevent 14 million infections, avoid 33,000 premature deaths annually, and save $43bn in direct and indirect costs for each fully vaccinated US ... read more

New law means the clock is ticking for some families to get students vaccinated

This school year, students had to be fully immunized or have a religious or medical exemption by their first day of school, according to the Department of Health. Those who were not fully immunized ... read more

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